so far so good but along way to go

Well here we are thirty something games into it and the Cards are right where we like em. We still have alot of areas that need work. such as giving Carpenter some run support. and Albert needs to get the average up a little bit. Went three for three last night so hopefully the start of a good streak. and third base needs a replacement for freese while he is in rehab. and my god please do something about the errors. Theriot is doing good on offense but needs to settle down on the field. but as I said so far so good and as always GO CARDS.

opening day

Well opening day has come and gone for the redbirds. Not quite the outcome I had hoped for. but what is even more disappointing was the fact i now see Matt Holliday is out with an appendectimy. It looks as it will be a long season for the Cards. but this is what seperates redbirds fans from others no maater what we support our team good or bad. Lets just sit back and let them do their thing.and we’ll see what happenws hopefully all good things

our rotation

I am so sick of everyone counting out the Cardinals. Yes it is horrible that we lost Wainy for the season. Yes our rotation is going to suffer from this. But in reality all we need is for loshe to step it up.Win at best six more games than last years horrid season, and for our number five {looks as if that will be Kyle Mclellan} to win atleast eleven games. and lets hope and pray Garcia doesnt end up with the sophmore slump. Our team is good enough to compete with anyone in the nl central. and im just sick of those counting us out.{even our own fans shame on you} already just because we lost one player. last time I checked their were nine on the feild